Sunday, May 5, 2013


I love going to different  places. My mom always looks online and finds cheap airfare deals for three day trips. Because of that I have been to countless places for two to three days. I've been to San Antonio Texas, Myrtle Beach South Carolina, West Palm Beach Florida, Boston Massachusetts, Orlando Florida....etc. I must say that since I've only been flying for a few years and we don't take all that many trips a year, it has been quite an accomplishment. On the other hand I've never left the country. My mom has been trying for years to go on an overseas vacation but none of the plans have seemed to work out. So considering we've never left the country I've had no need for a passport up until now. This year my family is going to Hungry for two weeks so we finally applied for a passport. It came in the mail two weeks later and bam! It is now legal for me to leave the country. I feel like getting my passport has opened so many doors. Its not that I think my family is going to be jet setting across the country its the fact that we can. I feel like with a passport the world is my play ground and I am ready to see it all.

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