Thursday, January 30, 2014

Stream of Consciousness

Tomorrow will be six months since the last time I've blogged. Every single time a write a new blog post I end it by saying something like "I'm going to try and blog more" but since its been six months since my last post its pretty obvious its all just empty words. I've decided to give up on promises like that. I feel like every time I tell myself I will do something I just feel to pressured to actually do it and I panic and get nowhere. I've struggled a lot with choosing a path. I'm a very indecisive person. I like to think about all the options and consider what I'm missing out on and that's just when I'm trying to find something to eat after school. I hate being stuck in one topic, one category. I tried making this lovely internet footprint into something like a diary; I was never good at keeping a diary. In one of my school classes, we do something every Monday called a Stream of Consciousness where you write whatever is going on in your head. Its my first period class so the only thing I'm thinking about is usually how much happier I'd be laying in bad watching movies in my sweatpants. However the idea behind a Stream of Consciousness isn't a bad idea. There is no set direction, no parameters to follow, you can't get stuck in one topic when all you want to do is write about something else. That's really all I want this blog to be. I want to write about whatever I feel like writing. Its not a fashion blog. I'm not going to write a response about every political issue on the news. Its a blog where I can do something new and write about it. If I'm going on vacation, it can go on the blog. Maybe I want to write a short story, that's fine. If I want to have a nerd spasm and write about the book that I'm currently in love with, I'm going to write about that to. It's the glory of a Stream of Consciousness. Maybe I'll keep updating this blog every couple days. Maybe it'll be another six months until there are any signs of life on here. I don't even know whats going to happen and I must say, I think that's the most interesting part.