Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Chillin' With the Holy Spirit

In my family there are a couple of milestones that everyone goes through. It starts at birth, first day of school, learning to read, first holy communion and so on. Recently I past one of the biggest milestones yet, Confirmation. We aren't super religious holy rollers or anything but we go to church and my mom was determined to see each one of her kids get confirmed. So every Tuesday night for the past two years I spent an hour listening to everything I needed to know before I got confirmed in my faith. I memorized prayers, studied a saint, spent time doing community service, and filled out countless packets about the Catholic faith and the power of the holy spirit. This past Thursday, May 2, all the\at effort led up to the moment monsignor Vaughn came to give us all the sacrament of Confirmation. Even though I hated going through all that, I must say I was really excited to be confirmed. It was kind of like graduation. We had to wear red, graduation styles robes, and go in front of a church full of our families. We all received certificates with our names on them that informed the world that we are now full Catholics and that all the work was in fact leading up to this moment. We also got little wristbands that said "CONFIRMED AT SAINT ANDREWS: Chillin' with the Holy Spirit" hence the title. I originally wasn't going to include this in my 20% project or on my blog but it was just a huge accomplishment for me. I felt so proud so I decided to share it Worth the world. I am now Emily Ann Katherine, fully Catholic.

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