Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New York City

All my life I've lived exactly 50 miles from New York City.  50 miles from the largest city in the United States. But I have never visited it before recently. It’s not like I have a fear of being in a city or that I didn’t have the desire to see the "big apple" but I just never went. Over spring break I finally saw what the city was all about. The goal of this whole trip was to basically see the most famous New York City landmarks in the one visit. Trust me we spent the whole in the city and we didn’t even see it all. We started off by visiting the Museum of Natural History (the museum from the movie Night of the Museum). Then went across the street to Central Park which was incredible. It was huge and honsetly my favorite part was seein the police officers patrolling the park on horses. We visited a castle... umm not wuite sure about that one but there most certainly was one in there. Afterwards was across the city to the 9/11 memoial. That was really touching and it was just incredible. Then to my favorite place of all which was the Empire State Building! You could see the entire city. I was just in awe the entire time. I wanted to stand away from the edge but at the same time get as close to it as i could and just stare out at the world. Afterwards we hit Times Square which was just a rush of sound and noise. Lastlywe visited Trump Towers.I finally understand why New York City is called the city that never sleeps. It was complete sensory overload. There were people everywhere and everyone was going on their own way. Its like entering a different world. It was the most unique place I'ver ever seen. And all y life I've lived only 50 miles away.

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