Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Lists of Others

I decided to investigate some of the things other people want to do. I asked around and searched the web to compile a t]list of the top ten things people want to do before they die. I would like to give credit to everyone I asked (Erin, mom, Kelsey for the food challenge post, David and anyone else I forgot) and
The following are in no particular order

1. Travel- everyone wants to see fantastic places and meet wonderful people. Few can resist the lure of jumping into a new adventure. Also now that we are so connected there is the constant pull of one place or another that you just can't wait to see. Of these many places some of the most commonly said are Fiji, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, England, Italy, and Greece.
2. Learn a Language- It doesn't matter what a person is saying, if someone is speaking in a foreign language it automatically sounds cool . You might have no desire to ever see the country yet there is still that small part of your mind that wishes you knew how to communicate. Plus to become fluent in another language is one of the hardest skills to accomplish.
3.Watch a Sunrise-Very few people are awake when the sunrises. Even those who are don't take the time to stop and wait for the sun to crest over the horizon. This little miracle happens everyday yet few people actually see it.
4. Become Rich/Famous- pretty self explanatory. Everyone has a dream. Something they wish will happen that will get them doing what they love and living comfortably at the same time.
5. Sky Dive- This extremely dangerous task seems to be on every one's bucket list. Maybe its the fact that you're looking death in the eye or just being able to say "yeah I've jumped out of a plane".
6. Run a marathon- If you are able to run a marathon you are my hero. It takes so much training and determination. A marathon is 26 miles long which is incredible. Then for the over achievers there are also Iron Man Marathons. Biking, running, and swimming until your body literally can not move. But the sense of accomplishment is said to be worth it and many say that it is the best experience of their lives.
7. Meet your favorite celebrity- Everyone has a favorite celebrity. We read about them, see them on TV, and here them on the radio. Some people even become emotionally attached to these people. The last step is to actually meet the people you've been obsessing over. I can agree, I'm one of those people too so I' not judging.
8.Graduate Colledge- You don't hve to go to college. The truth is, after 12 years of school, who would want to go to another 4 or more depending on the career. But once you've learned what you actually want to learn and you've worked your but off towards finishing school forever, graduation is kind of a big
9.Visit all 50 States- When I was in ^th grade we had to sing a song in music class. Part of it was "50 nifty stars on a flag that glitters so beautifaully in the breeze. Each individual state contributes a quality that is great" Every state makes America the amazing country it really is and they all deserve to be seen.
10. See the Northern Lights-They are the closest things to magic that we can actually see. Vibrant colors appearing out of the sky. It would just be amazing to see them.

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