Sunday, June 2, 2013

Looking Towards Later

Well as I said in my first blog post, I started this blog as part of a school project. I recently did my presentation for the class so technically the assignment is done and I could just leave this blog as a sad unused site. But I honestly spent a lot of time working on this so I feel like letting it all go to waste would just be a shame. I also kind of enjoy the idea that I can post my words/thoughts/experiences/whatever else I want for the world to see so I'm going to try keep posting. I'm also going to try to post more frequently.

So for my presentation I showed my class this blog but I also created a PowerPoint about some of the things I want to do in the future. I really wanted to include the PowerPoint here but I have absolutely no idea how. Instead I'm just going to list the things I want to do.
  • Visit a "Nutellaria". Yes I am talking about the delicious chocolate hazelnut spread.
  • Learn how to drive
  • Ride in a hot air balloon
  • Watch every Harry Potter movie in 24 hours
  • Go to Budapest, Hungary
  • Visit the Trampoline bridge in France
  • Go to Venice, Italy
  • Sleep in a heated glass igloo hotel room in Finland to see the northern lights
  • Put my name and the name of someone else on a lock and put it on the lock bridge in France
  • Participate in a paint fight.
  • See same sex marriage legalized in all 50 states.
  • See great white sharks in a shark cage
  • Walk on the Walk of Faith on Tianamen Mountain in China
  • Go para sailing
  • Have someone use my words in a quote
  • exchange a book at a book exchange booth in England.
  • Have someone notice my writing.
  • Ride an elephant.
  • Learn fluent Hungarian.
There you have it. If you don't know about some of the things I mentioned I would suggest doing a quick google search (or another search engine, I don't discriminate).  There are a ton of other things I would like to do but for now I feel like this is a sufficient list. Fingers crossed to getting all these done one day.

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