Friday, February 8, 2013


Hi my name's Emily. I started this blog as part of my ROGATE (gifted and talented) class. The assignment is that we use 20% of our school week to learn more about a topic we are interested in. So basically thst means every Friday. My project is a bucket list. I made a bucket list of ideas that aren't too extreme like climb a mountain or rescue a tiger but the items are still supposed to be significant.Each week I'll choose an item from the list and try to complete. As I'm completing each item I'll document the process by taking pictures and maybe video taping certain momentss whichever is more appropriate. Then I'll post it all here on my blog. I chose this because I noticed that everyone says "i want to do that one day" but most of the time they never get done. Its sasd to think that its all dreaming and you never actually do anything. I think this bucket list is a good way for me to stop saying "one day..."

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